Boudin Sausage

Boudin is a traditional sausage served as a starter on Christmas meals in Europe. There are many variations to it that come from countries like France, Belgium, Germany, Austria. Some of them include pork meat, pork blood, eggs, rice, milk. The one i am making comes from East Europe, where the most common ingredients used are pork meat, liver, spleen rice, onion, spices, all encased in pork casings.

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By December 28, 2013

The ingredients for this sausage are pretty similar to those for Cabbage Rolls, except for the organs. It is pretty easy to do, if you have a little patience, and you like home made sausages.

  • Prep Time : 01h 30min
  • Cook Time : 01h 30min
  • Yield : 6



  • First put to boil in a pot the liver with the spleen. In another pot boil the pork with bay leaves, garlic and peppercorns.

Boudin Boudin

  • While the meat boils finely chop the onion.


  • After the organs and meat have boiled take them out of the pots and let them cool. Save the pork broth, you will need it later.


  • In a pan saute the onion. Once it softened add the rice. Add one cup of strained pork stock. Let all boil until the rice cooks.

Boudin Boudin Boudin BoudinBoudin

  • I used pork casings for this sausage. You have to let them over night to soak in water mixed with vinegar. After that turn them inside out and remove the extra skins you find.
  • Cut the meat and organs in chunks. Mince them using a meat grinder.

Boudin Boudin Boudin

  • Add the minced meat in a big bowl along with onion and rice from the pan.
  • Season with salt and ground pepper. Mix very well and taste for seasoning.

Boudin Boudin Boudin

  • You can add one or two cups of pork stock to make sure the mixture isn't too dry.
  • Roll one casing on the funnel for stuffing sausages on the meat grinder. It has to be a thick funnel if you use big casings.

Boudin Boudin

  • Tie the casing at one end and start filling. Don't overfill because the casing might break when boiling.
  • Tie it at the other end put them to boil in the pork stock, for 20 minutes so the casing cooks as well.

Boudin Boudin

  • After that let the boudin sausages over night to press with a weight on them. I put them between two wood boards with a pot filled with water in top.
  • After the night has passed slice them and enjoy with some mustard and red onion.

Boudin Boudin Boudin

Enjoy your meal!

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