Flowered Easter Eggs

I know Easter has passed a long time ago, but only now i had the time to write the recipe for Flowered Easter Eggs, even though i’ve filmed it around last Easter. Anyway it’s a great recipe that teaches you how to make very beautiful, simple Easter eggs with only a few ingredients.

Flowered Easter Eggs Video Recipe

Flowered Easter eggs

By July 22, 2014

The tradition of decorating eggs dates thousands of years ago. There have been found decorated ostrich eggs in graves in ancient Sumer and Egypt dated 5000 years ago. Then the christians came and adopted this custom and transformed it into a tradition related to the memory of the blood that Christ shed when crucifixed. The eggs are also a symbol of resurrection.

Decorating eggs has become an important part of the Easter holiday. Eggs are decorated in all sorts of ways and colors. I chose to show you how to decorated eggs using different types of natural leaves and red paint.

You can also paint the eggs by boiling them in water and red onion skins.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 6
  • Allergens : ,



  • First of  all wash very well the eggs to degrease them. They say that white eggs are better for painting than red eggs.
  • Put the eggs to boil in a pot with plenty of water. Let the water start boiling and then let them boil for about five minutes, at medium heat, to make hard boiled eggs.

Flowered Easter eggs Flowered Easter eggs

  • I used a painting kit from Dr. Oetker that involved mixing 700 ml of boiled water, vinegar and a bag of red paint. Use any kind of brand paint and color you want and follow the instructions on the package. If you want to be sure that you obtain a rich, intense color use more than one bag of paint in the quantity of water for the painting process, especially with yellow or green colors.
  • Cut the pantyhose in pieces longer than one egg. Cut as many 7-10 cm pieces for all the eggs you are painting. Tie one end of the pantyhose piece with a rubber band or a thread.
  • Once the eggs are boiled, dry them and secure two leaves on each side of the egg, using your fingers.

Flowered Easter eggs Flowered Easter eggs

Flowered Easter eggs

  • With your fingers still presing the leaves on the egg, carefully insert the egg into the tied pantyhose piece. Carefully remove your fingers, hoping that the leaves will stay in place, and tie the pantyhose at the other end very tight. Proceed like this until you prepare all the eggs.
  • Then put the eggs in the painting mixture and let them according to the time that says on your painting box. Mine took five minutes.

Flowered Easter eggs Flowered Easter eggs

  • After this time take the eggs out on a plate covered with paper towles and let them dry for 10 minutes, then remove the pantyhose and the leaves. Hopefully you will have a nice pattern.
  • Pour a little bit of cooking oil on a paper towel and coat each egg with it for a little shine.

Flowered Easter eggs

Enjoy your meal and Happy Easter!


  1. A pair of pantyhoses was enough for six eggs.
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