Lasagna is one of the most beloved Italian dishes. Lasagna is made with special, flat noodles (which seem to be one of the oldest forms of pasta), Ragu sauce, Bechamel sauce and cheese, most often mozzarella and parmesan.

Lasagna Recipe


By December 28, 2013

Lasagna is pretty easy to do. Actually the whole cooking process is making the two sauces and baking the dish. There is a wide variety of lasagna recipes including different types of meat and sauces.

This recipe shows you how to make classic lasagna.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 01h 20min
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  • Yield : 6
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First i made Ragu sauce (or red meat sauce):

  • I finely chopped the onion and grated the carrot and celery on the smallest size of the grater.

Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna

  • In a pot i preheated olive oil and sauteed the chopped veggies from above.

Lasagna Lasagna

  • I've let them soften a bit and added the minced meat.


  • I waited for the meat to change its color and added red wine, tomato juice and water. I boiled everything on low heat.

Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna

  • I've let the Ragu sauce on the stove while i made Bechamel sauce.

For the Bechamel sauce (or white sauce):

  • I melted the butter in a small pot. I added the flour and kept mixing so it doesn't stick to the pot.

Lasagna Lasagna

  • I quickly added the milk, bit by bit, so i doesn't make lumps. After i mixed all the milk i added nutmeg. I mixed a bit more and took it off the stove.

Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna

Now that the sauces are done it's time to assemble the lasagna:

  • I used a heat resistant glass tray. I coated the bottom of the tray with Bechamel sauce, then i arranged a few lasagna noodles which i covered with some more Bechamel. Over this i added Ragu sauce and on top of it a serious layer of mozzarella and parmesan. I arranged another layer of noodles which i covered with Bechamel, Ragu, cheese and noodles. Proceed like this until you have at least three layers of sauces and noodles.

Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna

  • The last layer has to be of noodles. Over that i added plenty of Bechamel sauce.

Lasagna Lasagna

  • I baked my lasagna in the preheated oven for 50 minutes.
  • Serve it warm with sprinkled parmesan cheese.

Lasagna Lasagna

Enjoy your lasagna!

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    Why haven’t I thought about putting celery and carrots in my lasagna. Beautiful, seasonal idea! 🙂 ela

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