Liverwurst is traditional German dish. It is practically a sausage made with liver, encased in pork casings. It is pretty popular around Europe, being served in countries like Germany, Poland, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Netherlands, Finland, Romania and a few more.


By December 28, 2013

I have this recipe from one of my aunts that makes this dish every Christmas. Actually where i'm from this is a traditional Christmas starter.

It is made with pork liver, meat and fatback, and a variety of spices like black pepper, allspice, marjoram, thyme, nutmeg or ground mustard seeds.

  • Prep Time : 01h 30min
  • Cook Time : 01h 30min
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  • Yield : 8



  • First put to boil, with plenty of water because you will use the stock later, the pork meat and fatback along with peppercorns, bay leaves and onion. In a different pot boil the liver.

Liverwurst Liverwurst

  • After the meat, fatback and liver have boiled take them out on plates and let them cool.
  • Once you can handle them cut them into pieces small enough to fit through the meat grinder.
  • Mince the boiled meat with the meat grinder.

Liverwurst Liverwurst

  • After that season it with salt, ground pepper, crushed garlic. Mix very well and taste for seasoning. Add two cups of broth from the meat so that the mixture isn't too dry.

Liverwurst Liverwurst Liverwurst Liverwurst Liverwurst

  • Tie the casing (i'm using big pork casings) at one end and start filling it. I would normally fill it using the sausage filler, but this time the casings were to big for the funnels i had, so i filled them manually.

Liverwurst Liverwurst

  • After you finished filling (don't over fill the casings because they might break) tie the casing at the other end.
  • Put it to boil in the stock that remained from the meat.

Liverwurst Liverwurst

  • Boil it for 20 minutes so that the casings cooks as well.
  • After boiling our liverwurst has to be pressed over night with a weight on it. I put it between two wooden boards with a pot filled with water on top. Let it like this for 12 hours.

Liverwurst Liverwurst Liverwurst Liverwurst

  • After this it is ready to be sliced and served with mustard and red onion.

Enjoy your meal!

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