American pancakes are one of the most loved pancakes in the world. They are pretty similar to crepes, but much thicker. Pancakes have become a very popular dessert all over the world.

Pancakes are served with a variety of toppings like maple syrup, jams, fruits, whipped cream, chocolate chips or even meat.

Actually most of the countries on this planet have their own pancakes version.

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By July 21, 2014


Pancakes are considered in America a breakfast food. In Great Britain there is a holiday named Pancake day.

Some archaeological evidence indicated that pancakes are probably one of the oldest cereal food eaten in prehistoric societies.

The name, shape, diameter and structure of pancakes differ all through the world.


Prep Time : 15 minutes. Cook Time : 15 minutes Yield : 6 Allergens : , , ,

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So let's make some American pancakes!

  • Mix the wet ingredients: milk and vinegar. Then mix the dry ingredients: flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt.

Pancakes PancakesPancakes Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes

  • Over the flour mixture add one egg and blend it in. Then add melted butter and milk, bit by bit, until you form a batter.

Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes

  • Add vanilla essence and mix. You should have a pretty thick batter.
  • Heat a pan and add just a few drops of oil. Put a ladle of batter and form the pancakes. Let them until golden on both sides. I had a special pancake mold shaped like a heart.

Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes

  • Serve them with honey and cream. You can serve them with anything you like.

Pancakes Pancakes

Enjoy your pancakes.

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