Pork scratchings

Pork scratchings are a tasty snack or a starter. We serve it around here during Christmas time. It is made by boiling pig fatback until all the fat comes of the meat and all it is left are crispy delicious pork snacks. Where i come from they are called “jumari”.

Pork scratchings

By November 25, 2013

This snack is found in different cuisines all around the world. We find them under different names in America, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Netherlands, Denmark or France.

Pork Scratchings are a traditional dish that was commonly made when people used to grow their own pigs, at home,  for food. Nowadays not many people make them anymore which, in my opinion, is a pity because they are so easy to make and super tasty. Try it and tell me what you think.



  • Prep Time : 5 minutes
  • Cook Time : 40 minutes
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  • Yield : 8



  • Cut the meat bite size.

Pork scratchings Pork scratchings

  • Put it in a pot along with the water.

Pork scratchings Pork scratchings

  • Place it on the stove covered with a lid for 10 minutes.
  • After that remove the lid and let the meat boil until all the fat comes out of the meat. Mine took about 40 minutes.

Pork scratchings Pork scratchings Pork scratchings Pork scratchings

  • Remove the scratchings from the oil with a slotted spoon. Place the remaining oil in a jar and put it in a cold place. It will become lard which you can use to make cakes and pastry.
  • Let the shortenings cool and sprinkle salt.

Pork scratchings

Enjoy your meal!

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