Strawberry preserve

Well guys summer is upon us and this means that here it’s warm and sunny, everybody goes to the beach and some of us are happy that we have fresh, delicious produce to cook with and eat. So to start the season i decided to make Strawberry preserve and Strawbeery jam and Strawberry cheesecake, and a bunch more of recipes with strawberryes.

Did i tell you i like strawberryes?

Strawberry preserve

By July 22, 2014


I like making all sorts of jams, preserves, marmelades, syrups and stuff like that in the summer to have them in my pantry for autumn and winter. It's a soothing feeling for me to know that when winter comes i have all types of jars filled with goodies waiting for me to taste and include them in my recipes.

At the end of last summer i made plum jam and quince preserve. I still have one jar of each in the pantry. This time i want to start properly with the fruits from the beginning of the summer like strawberries and make a delicious Strawberry jam.

Prep Time : 30 minutes. Cook Time : 02h 30min Yield : 12

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So to make strawberry jam first you have to get the strawberries and wash them real good, removing the steams and leaves. This job might take a while especially if you make a lot of jam. I suggest you "bribe" somebody to help you clean the strawberries rewarding them with a jar of your delicious preserve.

I used two kilos of strawberries from which i made seven 300 ml jars.

  • My grandma taught me a rule about making preserve. When making preserve (that has to be sweeter than jam) use one kilo of sugar for one kilo of cleaned fruits. This rule might have exceptions depending on how ripened and sweet/sour are your fruits. So if you use very sweet, full ripened fruits or you don't like your preserve that sweet, use less sugar. Au contraire, if you like it very sweet use more sugar. I used two kilos of sugar.
  • For preserves in generally i suggest using smaller fruits because in preserves the fruits have to remain full, you don't want them mashed, so if you bought larger fruits simply chop them a bit, very carefull not to mash them.
  • To make preserve first you have to let the strawberries releas their lovely juice. So for this get the pot in which you are going to boil the preserve. Add one layer of strawberries, then one of sugar and some lemon slices, and continue to layer them until you finish adding sugar, lemon slices and strawberries. The last layer should be of strawberries. Pour the lemon juice and let it like this for a couple of hours.

Strawberry preserve Strawberry preserve Strawberry preserve Strawberry preserve

  • After this put the pot on the stove on low heat (without mixing in it). The less you mix the better because you reduce the chances to mash the fruits. But you should know that this depends on the fruits. For example when making preserves with tougher fruits like quinces you don't have to worry about mashing them.
  • Let it boil for one hour then remove all the lemon slices. Let it boil for another hour until it seems very well tight.

Strawberry preserve Strawberry preserve

  • To be sure your preserve is done you should make  test. Take a clean plate and pour a few drops of preserve on it. If the drops seem tight and there is no moisture around them it means your preserve is done. If the drops seem loose and watery, let it boil a bit more. Mine took for about two and a half hours.

Strawberry preserve Strawberry preserve Strawberry preserve

  • After you feel your preserve is done, turn the heat off and pour it hot in sterilised jars.
  • Let them cool over night, bottoms up, then put them in your pantry for winter.

Strawberry preserve

Enjoy your Strawberry preserve!

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