Turkey in aspic

Turkey or pork aspic is a starter that is traditionally served on Christmas dinners in East Europe. Where i’m from aspic is traditionally made with pork. This year i decided to make Turkey aspic because it is easier to do and much lighter than pork.

Turkey in aspic

By December 6, 2013

Aspic is a starter in which pieces of meat and veggies are set into a gelatin made from meat stock. Apparently by the Middle Ages cooks discovered that thickened meat stock turns into gelatin when cold.

Here it is  saying that if you eat aspic in the night between years you will be very lucky the next year.


  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 02h 00min
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  • Yield : 8
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  • I filled a pot with two liters of water and put the wings and necks. It is very important to add a certain quantity of water to make aspic. If you add water later on when the soup is boiling it's wont turn into jelly. Don't add water later. It is better to add more water at first to make sure you have enough jelly.
  • Let them boil a little and remove the foam. It is super important to remove the foam when making aspic because the aspic has to be very clear.
  • After it is not making any foam add carrots, onion, bay leaves, pepper corns and a tablespoon of salt. Mix and let it boil until the meat from the wings comes off the bone.

Turkey in aspic Turkey in aspicTurkey in aspic Turkey in aspic Turkey in aspic

  • The meat will boil longer than the veggies. So when the veggies are boiled remove them from the stock. The carrots have to be a little harder because we will use them later to decorate.

Turkey in aspic

  • After the meat has boiled remove it from the soup and let it cool. After that cut it into little pieces. Don't add the skin from the wings or any bones.

Turkey in aspic Turkey in aspic

  • Now in the stock add crushed garlic and stir very well. For the aspic to be tasty it has to have plenty of garlic. Now strain the stock very carefully. Repeat the straining a few times. The stock has to be very, very clear.

Turkey in aspic

  • Cut the meat into little pieces. I saved the carrots to decorate with them so you can cut them any way you want. I tried to make little flowers out of them but they were too boiled so i ended up by chopping into cubes.

Turkey in aspic

  • Mix jelly powder with one ladle of strained broth, mix and add it over the stock. Now let's set our aspic.

Turkey in aspic

  • In bowls (i used bowls and a few cake trays because i wanted my aspic to have a nice shape) put at the bottom carrots, over them pieces of meat and cover everything with stock.

Turkey in aspic Turkey in aspic Turkey in aspic Turkey in aspic Turkey in aspic Turkey in aspic

  • Let the aspic in the fridge for six hours to harden.
  • Serve it cold with mustard and horseradish sauce.

Enjoy your meal!

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